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With its consistently relevant content, extensive reach and high viewership, is the perfect medium for advertisers. This audience consists of Students from grade 9 to PhD level, Teachers and education related material researchers on internet. With its coverage, PSED gets you the unparalleled reach across the country. An extraordinary competent sales, marketing and creative team supported by an equally capable tech department offer highly innovative ideas to make every brand stand out. Be sure, your brand will reach its targeted group via is a best platform if you wish to advertise your product & services. We accept banner advertisement on our blog which can be placed at sidebars & also within the article itself.

Here are some rates & open slots for someone willing to advertise at our blog.

Here are our advertising packages. These rates are flexible. Rates are negotiable depending upon give & take business strategy. Please be advised that these rates are non-refundable.

  • Guest posts: We do not accept guest posts currently.
  • Advertise with the banner: We have open slot if you wish to put your banner advertisement at our blog. Rate for this will be USD 300 for 3 months. We can guarantee your banner advertisement will stay at our blog for 3 months.
  • Review or promotional article post: We are open to post a review or promotional post at our blog. Please let us know what review are you willing to have at our blog. This post won’t be sticky but will remain lifetime at our blog archive. Price of these kinds of advertisement is USD 200.
  • Collaboration: We are open to collaborate with someone willing to collaborate with us. In such condition, we do not have any fixed rates. If you think you can help us & get helped we would love to welcome you in open collaborate discussion.
  • Do you have something else then we listed? Do you think you can advertise in a different way at our blog? We would like to welcome you with the idea & budget you have.
  • Advertise your products with us: You can advertise your products with us. The rate for these types of advertisement is USD 100 per month.

NOTE: We do not support any illegal, criminal, gambling, piracy, nulled or similar advertisements at any of our websites. If you try to tick us & get your advertisement at any of our advertisement slots through any technique, we will instantly remove your advertisement without any pre-notice. Since advertisement pricing is totally non-refundable, absolutely no refund will be provided on this case too.


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