Download 9th Class Text Books 2023-24

Download 9th Class all Text Books for both Arts & Medium as well as Urdu & English medium students with 2023-24 SNC Update

Download 9th Class Text Books 2023-24 SNC Update. Punjab & Federal Textbooks Class 9 pdf for both Arts & Science and English & Urdu medium students. For all Punjab, AJK as well as for FBISE Islamabad boards. You’re Welcome from here you can download all of your grade 9 subjects’ Textbooks on your Mobile Phone & PC etc. In addition, downloadable books are available for both English medium & Urdu medium students of 9th class. Whether you’re a Science, Arts or Computer student, you can download your required books easily, free of cost.

New Update 2023-24 SNC Updated Books New Update

What’re 9th Class Text Books 2023-24 ❓

9th class downloadable text books are the soft copies in PDF. Students of grade 9 can download them and they can read these books on their electronic devices at any time and at any place. Moreover, students are able to search, underline & bookmark any content within a book. With the help of these books you can study with ease!

SNC 2023-24 Updated PDF textbooks for 9th class include Tarjuma-tul-Quran-ul-Majeed, Urdu, English, General Math, Math (Science), Islamiat. As well as, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Pakistan Studies, Home Economics, Ghiza aur Ghizaiyat, Parcha Bafi (Textile & Clothing).

Guide to Download 9th Class PDF Text Books ❗

In order download all 9th Class PDF Text Books 2023-24 SNC Update, click on the “Text Book’s Name” link. You’ll be taken to “Files Download Page”, where your required book will be download automatically after clicking the “Download Button” of that particular book.

NOTE: All 9th class books are with .pdf extension, therefore, you must have installed a “PDF File Reader/Viewer” application/software on your machine i.e mobile phone or pc/laptop etc.

Do You Know? You can also download notes/solutions of all 9th books. Just click on the “Notes” link in front of any book’s download link. You’ll be taken to the notes/solutions page of that particular book/subject.

Download Grade 9th Text Books 2023-24 SNC Updated PDF from following table

Download Grade 9 Text Books 2023-24 SNC Updated ⏬


Book NameSizeNotes
Tarjuma-tul-Quran-ul-Majeed 2023-2434 MBNotes
Islamiyat SNC 2023-2429 MBNotes
Urdu 2023-2438 MBNotes
English 2023-2434 MBNotes
Pakistan Studies (English Medium)21 MBNotes
Pakistan Studies (Urdu Medium)21 MBNotes
Math _ Science (English Medium)97 MBNotes
Math _ Science (Urdu Medium)216 MBNotes
Physics (English Medium) 2023-2435 MBNotes
Physics (Urdu Medium) 2023-2412 MBNotes
Chemistry (English Medium) 2023-2412 MBNotes
Chemistry (Urdu Medium) 2023-2410 MBNotes
Biology (English Medium) 2023-2408 MBNotes
Biology (Urdu Medium) 2023-2412 MBNotes
General Math (English Medium) 2023-2446 MBNotes
General Math (Urdu Medium) 2023-2445 MBNotes
Computer Science (English Medium) 2023-2429 MBNotes
Computer Science (Urdu Medium) 2023-2438 MBNotes
Computer Practical Notebook 2023-2416 MBNotes
Ikhlaqiyat/Ethics 2023-2436 MBNotes
Home Economics70 MBNotes
Ghiza aur Ghizaiyat52 MBNotes
Parcha Bafi (Textile and Clothing)35 MBNotes
Download Grade 9th and 10th Text Books 2023-24 SNC Updated PDF from following table

Download Grade 9 & 10 Combined Text Books 2023-24 SNC Updated ⏬


Book NameSizeNotes
Urdu Qawaid-o-Insha55 MBNotes
English Grammar and Composition54 MBNotes
General Science (English Medium) 2023-2446 MBNotes
General Science (Urdu Medium) 2023-2455 MBNotes
Islamiat Ikhtiyari62 MBNotes
Arabic07 MBNotes
Education (Urdu Medium)40 MBNotes
Civics (Urdu Medium)43 MBNotes
Economics40 MBNotes
Punjabi26 MBNotes
Art & Drawing16 MBNotes
Civil Drafting05 MBNotes
Farsi Adab 2023-2406 MBNotes
Geometrical & Technical Drawing12 MBNotes
Health & Physical Education04 MBNotes
Itlaqi Baraqiyat10 MBNotes
Mutaliya Mahool07 MBNotes
Zarai Pedawar (Work Book)14 MBNotes
Geography44 MBNotes
Daftri Dastoor-ul-Amal (Urdu Medium)14 MBNotes
Business Method (Urdu Medium)33 MBNotes
Asool-e-Muhasbi (Book Keeping & Accounting)31 MBNotes
Ikhlaqiyat/Ethics (9+10) 2023-2431 MBNotes

Conclusion 🙋‍♀️

That’s all about ‘Downloadable 9th Class Textbooks 2023-24 with SNC Update’. These textbooks are valid for all Punjab boards, AJK Board, and Federal/FBISE Board. Therefore, if you are a student related to one of these boards, you can download your books in PDF format with a single click. If you have any queries or are facing any problems, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.


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