Class 10 Urdu Notes 2024-25

Class 10 Urdu Notes for session 2024-25

Download Class 10 Notes for Urdu of FBISE & Punjab Boards’ Science and Arts Students, according to 2024-25 session. Complete & comprehensive Urdu (Lazmi) helping notes according to the updated syllabus. Now, you don’t need to worry about your Urdu subject’s tests and annual exams preparation. Grade 10 Urdu notes include 26 units.

Class 10 Notes for Urdu 2024-25 Syllabus

The Syllabus for 10th Class Urdu Notes includes the following chapters/units/parts;;

  • 26 Units include: 10 Poems (Nazms), 04 Ghazals, while 12 Lessons in Hissa Nassar.

For detailed information on 10th Class Urdu Syllabus, check out Content Page below! (Click on image for full size)

10th Class Urdu Notes Cover
Notes Versions Notice

Class 10th Notes for Urdu (Unit wise) – Version 1

From the following table, you can download your required version 1 of Class 10 notes for Urdu subject.

Unit. No.Notes Name & DownloadNotes PDF Size
1Hamd (حمد)2 MB
2Naat (نعت)2 MB
3Mirza Muhammad Saeed (مرزا محمد سعید)2 MB
4Nazria Pakistan (نظریہ پاکستان)1 MB
5Paristan ki Shahzadi (پرستان کی شہزادی)2 MB
6Urdu Adab men Eid-ul-Fitr (اردو ادب میں عید الفطر)1 MB
7Mujhe Mere Doston se Bachao (مجھے میرے دوستوں سے بچاؤ)1 MB
8Mulamma (ملمع)1 MB
9Chugal Khor (چغل خور)1 MB
10Naam Dev Mali (نام دیو مالی)2 MB
11Ali Baksh (علی بخش)1 MB
12Istanbul (استنبول)1 MB
13Khotoot-e-Ghalib (خطوط غالب)1 MB
14Khotoot-e-Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqui (خطوط رشید احمد صدیقی)1 MB
15Medaan-e-Karbala men Garmi ki Shiddat (میدان کربلا میں گرمی کی شدت)2 MB
16Fatima Bint-e-Abdullah (فاطمہ بنت عبداللہ)1 MB
17Kisan (کسان)1 MB
18Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan (جیوے جیوے پاکستان)1 MB
19Oont Ki Shadi (اونٹ کی شادی)1 MB
20Maal Godaam Road (مال گودام روڈ)1 MB
21Ghazal Hasrat Mohani (غزل حسرت موہانی)1 MB
22Ghazal Jigar Murad Abadi (غزل جگر مراد آبادی)1 MB
23Ghazal Firaaq GhoraKkhapori (غزل فراق گورکھپوری)1 MB
24Ghazal Ada Jaffri (غزل ادا جعفری)1 MB
25Uth Baandh Kamar Kyu Darta Hy (اٹھ باندھ کمر کیوں ڈرتا ہے)1 MB
26Bahadur Bachay (بہادر بچے)1 MB

Class 10th Notes for Urdu (Part wise) – Version 2

From the following table, you can download your required version 2 of 10th Class Urdu notes part wise.

Unit. No.Notes Name & DownloadNotes PDF Size
1Hissa Nazm Notes (حصہ نظم نوٹس)11 MB
2Hissa Nassar Notes (حصہ نثر نوٹس)18 MB
3Hissa Ghazal Notes (حصہ غزل نوٹس)4 MB
**10 Days Preparation Formula2 MB

That’s all for Class 10 Notes for Urdu for Session 2024-25. In case of queries, feel free to comment below or contact us!

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