Class 11 English Notes

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Class 11 English Notes for FBISE, Punjab, KPK and AJK Boards

Download Class 11 English Notes for Inter 1st Year of FBISE, Punjab, KPK & AJK FSc, FA, ICS & ICOM Students, according to 2024-25 updated syllabus. Complete & comprehensive English helping notes according to the new session. Now, you don’t need to worry about your English subject’s tests and annual exams preparation. For grade 11 English syllabus details, please check below.

Class 11 English Notes 2024-25 Syllabus

The Syllabus for 11th Class English Notes (for FBISE, Punjab & AJK Boards) includes the following chapters/units/parts;;

  • Punjab Boards’ English Syllabus:
    • English Book 1: It constitutes 15 short stories from Short Story 1 “Button Button” to Short Story 15 “The Angle and the Author-and Others”.
    • English Book 3: It includes 3 Plays, while 20 Poems i.e from Poem 1 “The Rain” to Poem 20 “In Broken Images”.
  • FBISE, KPK & AJK Boards’ English Syllabus:
    • The syllabus of English for inter 1st year students of Federal Board KPK and AJK Boards include total 22 units i.e from Unit 1 “Responsibilities of Youth” to Unit 22 “Progress”

For detailed information on 11th Class English Syllabus, check out Content Page below! (Click on image for full size)

Notes Versions Notice

Class 11 English Notes (Punjab Boards)

Class 11 English Notes Cover

From the following table, you can download version 1 of Class 11 notes for English subject. (for all Punjab Boards).



Short Story No.Notes Name & DownloadNotes PDF Size
1Button Button2 MB
2Clearing in the Sky2 MB
3Dark They were, and Golden-Eyed2 MB
4Thank you, Mam1 MB
5The Piece of String1 MB
6The Reward1 MB
7The Use of Force1 MB
8The Gulistan of Sa’di1 MB
9The Foolish Quack1 MB
10A Mild Attack of Locusts1 MB
11I Have a Dream1 MB
12The Gift of the Magi1 MB
13I Have a Dream2 MB
14Overcoat2 MB
15The Angle and the Author-and Others1 MB


Unit. No.Notes Name & DownloadNotes PDF Size
Play 1Heat LightningLess than 1 MB
Play 2Visit to a Small PlanetLess than 1 MB
Play 3The Oyster and the PearlLess than 1 MB
Poem 1The RainLess than 1 MB
Poem 2Night MailLess than 1 MB
Poem 3Loveliest of Trees the Cherry NowLess than 1 MB
Poem 4O Where are u Going?Less than 1 MB
Poem 5In the Street of the Fruit StallsLess than 1 MB
Poem 6A Sindhi WomanLess than 1 MB
Poem 7TimesLess than 1 MB
Poem 8OzymandiasLess than 1 MB
Poem 9The FeedLess than 1 MB
Poem 10The Hollow MenLess than 1 MB
Poem 11LeisureLess than 1 MB
Poem 12Ruba’iyatLess than 1 MB
Poem 13A Tale of Two CitiesLess than 1 MB
Poem 14My Neighbour Friend Breathing His LastLess than 1 MB
Poem 15He Came To Know HimselfLess than 1 MB
Poem 16God’s AttributesLess than 1 MB
Poem 17The Delight SongLess than 1 MB
Poem 18Love an Essence of all ReligionsLess than 1 MB
Poem 19A Man of Words and Not of DeedsLess than 1 MB
Poem 20In Broken ImagesLess than 1 MB

Class 11 English Notes (FBISE, KPK & AJK Boards)

Class 11 English Notes (FBISE & KPK Boards) Cover
Unit. No.Notes Name & DownloadNotes PDF Size
1Responsibilities of Youth (Speech)3 MB
2His First Flight (Short Story)3 MB
3Good Timber (Poem)2 MB
4From Mother With Love (Short Story)4 MB
5It’s Country For Me (Essay)3 MB
6Mother to Son (Poem)2 MB
7Choice of Career (Letter)2 MB
8Wasteland (Essay)2 MB
9The White Lamb (Short Story)3 MB
10The World is Too Much With Us (Poem)2 MB
11The Importance of Family (Essay)3 MB
12The Blanket (Short Story)2 MB
13Ozymandias (Poem)2 MB
14A Long Walk Home (Short Story)2 MB
15University Days (Essay)2 MB
16School Vs Education (Essay)2 MB
17What You Do is What You Are (Essay)2 MB
18A Dream Within A Dream (Poem)2 MB
19Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan (Essay)3 MB
20How to Take a Job Interview (Essay)4 MB
21The Road Not Taken (Poem)2 MB
22Progress (One Act Play)7 MB

Bonus: Federal Board’s Toppers’ English Solved Papers πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

That’s all for Class 11 Notes for English (FSc, FA, ICS, ICOM, DCOM) for Session 2024-25 – according to FBISE, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan & AJK Boards’ English updated syllabus. In case of queries, feel free to comment below or contact us!

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